Absinthe Buying Guide

After nearly 100 long years of prohibition, you can now buy absinthe in the United States.

Just where can you get them? Which absinthe liquor for sale should you buy? Are the green fairy liquor available online safe to buy? How does one drink absinthe?

These questions are all valid and commonly asked by both absinthe enthusiasts and the curious would-be first-timers. Absinthe comes from many countries such as France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain, to name a few.

Buying Tips

  • There are numerous brands of absinthe liquor for sale these days; however, you need to do your research to make sure you are getting the real deal. Because thujone in absinthe, a vital component found in wormwood (an ingredient of absinthe), is still banned in the United States, manufacturers who wish to tap into the American market downplay its importance and use a wormwood substitute which pales in comparison to the real thing.
  • You should expect authentic absinthe to be quite expensive. In fact, the price of an authentic bottle of the green fairy starts between $60 and $70. Some even go for as high as $100 per bottle. Be wary of back-alley producers who tell you they can give you a bottle at $25 – at best, these could be watered down versions, and the worst possible scenario is that these could even contain dangerous chemical additives that could literally kill you.
  • Some of the best brands of green fairy liquor are hard to find and in limited supply, and as such, they can be even more expensive than usual. Those who have no objections to cost can find original vintage absinthe which can run from $2,000 to $7,000. Small sampler bottles can cost several hundred dollars.
  • It is perfectly safe and legal to import absinthe in most countries, especially where alcoholic drinks is legal.
  • Look for reputable online retailers and examine the customer satisfaction level before purchasing from them.
  • You may try green fairy cocktail or just drink absinthe with sugar. Some people never develop a taste for it, and that’s okay. Absinthe drinking isn’t for everyone.

Where to Buy

Thanks to the Internet, artisanal producers can now offer quality absinthe liquor for sale openly and directly to those who are interested. The best distilleries specialize in one or two signature drinks that they have perfected over time. One of these is CenturyAbsinthe.com which is considered one of the very best by absinthe connoisseurs.  Another is Absinthe.in, creator of absinthe made according to a recipe from the 1920s jazz era. eAbsinthe.com is an online retailer that carries the award-winning La Fee range.

Below are some bars that sell absinthe in the United States.